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How do you pick a theme?

This can be the most exciting or the most daunting question, depending on your mindset. A theme can bring value to your party, you can really get into details and turn your fantasy into reality: From the napkins to the centerpieces, from how the cakes design to the party favors - Some people enjoy these details and some want a theme which automatically takes care of those details.

Here is the easy formula for deciding on a theme: Is the theme chosen to satisfy the party VIP or the guests attending?

Choosing a theme based on the VIPs preference can allow you more attention to detail and personalization - and you know that at least one person will really enjoy it. Classical themes based on VIPs are: What is on the wall in their room or on their bed sheets? What can’t they stop talking about or what do they draw on their books currently? Take special note of the color that they choose and sometimes the good guy is not always their “hero”.

Choosing a theme based on those attending will be a more general theme at which most people will know how to enjoy it. Broad themes for the attending guests are generally animals (unicorns, dinosaurs), machines (cars, helicopters), sports (soccer, ballet) and professions (superheros, princesses).

The great part about choosing which theme direction is correct for you is that you’ve already chosen the direction that you will most enjoy planning. A theme for the VIP is self-explanatory by just interviewing the VIP, while a theme for guests is more akin to boiler plate - these have already been done many times before and many examples exist.

Probably the most important tool to use for each of your upcoming decisions is the rule of three: Everything has a beginning, middle and end - whether it will be the food (snacks, main and treat), entertainment (greet, excite and capture memories, e g. photos & videos) or the progression of the entire event itself. Learn more about the latter in our next newsletter.


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