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Promotional Decor & Sales Events


Fundraising & Entertainment

Promotional Decor & Sales Events

Booth & Buisness Decor

Booth & Business Decoration

You only have a few seconds to catch the attention of a customer passing by your booth or business. We have all the tools to make your booth or business stand out!


Arches and Demi-Arches help your customers to make an entrance, columns help to direct and frame areas. Promotional kites and custom Balloon Creations create an area in which your customer enjoys a pleasant and conversation-inspiring atmosphere. And finally, your logo, the heart of your company: Your customer can interact with it, making it a memorable experience and the highlight of your booth decoration. 

Promotional Balloon Art

Column (Corporate)

Business Decor Centerpieces

Custom-printed Balloons

Promotional Kites


Company Logo

Booth Promotion & Customer Education

We learn about your brand - and then we use entertainment to educate your customers about your company at your booth.


Our pricing starts at $1500 per campaign event (incl. booth decoration), but we also have monthly, quarterly and yearly packages available. 

We also offer entertainment marketing: We use Strolling Balloon Art, Comedy and Magic to lead your customers to your booth! With our knowledge about your brand, we attract customers directly to you.


Promotional gifts are a great part of this, they can be branded to your company and products reminding the customer of your messaging as well as associating a generosity relationship bonding you and the client for the next interaction. Also perfect for follow up requests to the client!

Custom-printed Balloons

Promotional Balloon Art

Booth Promotion

In-House Events 

In House

Decor & Entertainment

Whether you company is a hotel, a resort, a country club or a restaurant, whether you are organizing the event or your client: We are there for your In-House events. We can highlight your venue with our creative event decoration that is tailored to your space and we can make sure your clients are feeling well taken care of with our entertainment options. We offer return client pricing for you and vendor pricing for your clients.

Our Entertainment Packages



Choose 2:

Strolling Balloon Art & Comedy

2 columns

7 Table Centerpieces



Choose 3:

Strolling Balloon Art & Comedy

Music, DJ & Sound

Magic Balloon Show

2 columns

7 Table Centerpieces



Choose 4:

Strolling Balloon Art & Comedy

Music, DJ & Sound

Magic Balloon Show

4 columns

7 Table Centerpieces

1 arch (20 feet)



Get all:

Ballroom Magic Balloon Show

Ballroom Speaker, Music and Microphones

Ballroom arch (25 feet) or Balloon Drop (500 Balloons)

4 columns with toppers

7 Table Centerpieces

Meet & Greet

Holiday Party

Galas, banquets & Holiday Parties

It's time to gathers together to celebrate your company's successes. You have a special anniversary? A holiday party? We'll make sure to help you orchestrate an amazing event.

Our shows are the visual, auditory and memorable just desserts that guarantee a belly full of laugh.

Our job is to make your job easier. Our performers are the best in the industry. Beyond that, we know everyone. We work with the best.

Company Holiday Party Package

Interactive Games with Give-Aways

Keynote Speaking

Team Building Workshop

Team Building

Team Building

What is the most important part of every successful company? Teamwork.


We specialize in creating a fun environment that sparks creativity. Our team focuses on strengthening the bonds between coworkers. After all, the company that plays together, stays together.  


Our workshop is designed to teach employees to use creative thinking and goals set by your company via the use of games and process building. We offer a wide range of activities available.

Team Building Workshop

Funraising & Entertainment


Our Fundraising program can help your organization reach a financial goal quickly and easily. Our events are put on with an entertainer to fit any crowd.


We will provide you a show that will engage children and adults alike

and is tailored to your needs.


We offer a variety of activities such as fundraising games, stage shows, auctionary with comedy and strolling Balloon Art, Magic and comedy.

Charity Auction

Fundraising Package

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