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Event Decoration

Make your event special by creating a unique atmosphere!

Our decor pieces range from table centerpieces to arches & columns as well as room art installations.


We also offer decor packages.

If you book your event decoration with us, we offer music and a Magic Balloon shows for a discount.

Arches, columns & more

To build a perfect party palace, you need arches and columns. Arches help your guest to make an entrance, columns help to direct and frame areas. Working together, they not only create a pleasing visual, but also a working flow to your event. 




Archs& Co

Table decorations

Table decorations are a great way to highlight center-points of your event:

You want to showcase your gift table or maybe your cake table? Add a unique table design to frame it!

Want to make every table special?Add table centerpieces!

Table Characters

Table Cluster

Table Display Art

Table decor

Room Design

Room Design is about taking your theme to the next chapter. Our goal is to create an area in which your guest, who are the characters, can live out the phantasy of your party. Each of our room design elements that you add is another page which your guest will remember in the story that you tell.


You can create elements of different sizes and complexity and we make them reality, any theme, any color, any size. 

Balloon Kites

Character Art Chandeliers

Chihuly Chandelier

Room Art Installation

Room Design

Photo opportunities

This is a once in a social lifetime opportunity:

Picture this: your guest have a show stopping social media share sensation and you have well deserved bragging rights. Photo opportunities are artful displays bringing your theme to real life size impact.

Think ice sculptures but cooler!

Balloon Photo Frame

Balloon Photo Opportunity

Open-Air Photo Booth

Photo Opp
Wedding Decor 2.jpg

Our Event Decoration Packages



Choose 1:

1 arch (20')

4 columns (5')

2 columns (5') & 7 Table Centerpieces



Choose 2:

1 arch (20')

4 columns (5')

2 columns (5') & 7 table centerpieces

Simple Table Display



Choose 3:

1 arch (20')

4 columns (5')

Simple Table Display

Bronze Art Installation & 5 Table Centerpieces



Choose 4:

1 arch (20')

4 columns (5')

Advanced Table Display

2 columns (5') & 5 Table Centerpieces

Balloon Photo Opportunity

Balloon Drops

Not just on New Year's Eve (but specially on New Year's Eve):
A Balloon Drops is a showstopper of every event!

We offer custom creation: Sculptural designs to fit your space, colors to fit your theme, and the right size for your guests. As a special effect, we can even add LED lights to our balloons.

Balloon Drop

Balloon Drop
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