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About Us

We provide high-quality entertainment and decoration for special occasions private and public.


BalloonArt performance, comedy, and magic for every event type. We have strolling shows to bring people together, parlor shows for intimate living room experiences and stage shows for memorable events.


We also have most of the equipment you might need for putting on a successful event. We are guaranteed to please.

Your special event is our specialty! Please contact us today.



Meet The Team

John Watkins

John Watkins

BalloonArtist, Creative Director & Marketing Specialist

John Watkins has been performing for decades. He spent 5 years in China, performing for companies like Clinique, Louis Vuitton and Kiehl's in 287 cities. He founded BalloonArtWorld  

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Ann Frances

Management & Sponsorship Specialist

Award-winning comedy writer, former teacher and registered nurse Ann Frances takes care of all your needs. 

Karl Hein

Karl Hein

Magician & Entertainment Artist

Karl Hein is known all over the world for his amazing card handling abilities and his naturally disarming performance style. 


The Amazing Mr. A

Magician, BalloonArtist & Ventriloquist

A Florida native, discovered the wonderful world of magic at age 10…. and has been performing ever since! With over 40 years of experience, he delights audiences throughout the country.


Jamey Gerardi

BalloonArtist & Stilwalker

Who better to entertain kids than another kid? Jamey is a terrific BalloonArtist with a dapper dress style and dry wit. Jamey is our MacGyver. He designs those miracle apparatus which allow us to create truly unique presentations.

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