How long do balloons last?

It depends on whether the balloons are inside or outside. Inside, balloons can keep from a few days to up to several months. Helium-filled balloons generally float for 24-48 h.

Outside, the life span of our creations are much shorter due to humidity, wind & sunlight. They usually last 12-24 h. 

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to everywhere between Stuart and Miami. For local deliveries (Jupiter to Boynton Beach), our minimum order is $75. Beyond those local deliveries, we add an additional charge of up to $50.

How much in advance do I need to order?

We generally recommend to order at least two days in advance for deliveries. If some of the balloons are helium-filled, we recommend 5 days in advance.

For bigger events or for direct entertainment bookings, we recommend at least two weeks in advance to construct hardware and order supplies.

Can I select a delivery date?

At the final stage of the checkout, you will be able to specify the delivery date for your balloon delivery. We usually deliver between 10 am and 4 pm. 

What are my color options?

We stock a variety of balloons in all sizes and colors for small deliveries. If you order at least a week in advance, we can offer all the available colors. See here two color charts from our balloon specialists:

How can I care for my balloons?

Our balloons are designed for display and not to be used as a toy. They keep best at room temperature and away from direct sun light.

Apart from that - no water or other supplements required :)

What are your COVID-19 health and safety procedures?

To start of: None of our balloons are inflated by mouth - we use specialized air pumps. Our staff is always wearing masks, both for events as well as during installations or deliveries. We practice regular hand washing and social distancing measures. Our staff is recently vaccinated. 

Are balloons bad for the environment?

Our balloons are specifically made from plants - out of latex, which is a product that is harvested by tapping the rubber tree without harming it. When latex is processed, all of the product is used. Our balloons have the same biodegradability as a maple leaf.

But: You should not release balloons into the air - they can get entangled with power lines and turn into litter.

Where do babies come from?

Ask your family :p