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Room Art Installation

Room Art Installation

Room Art is about taking your theme to the next chapter. Our goal is to create in which your guest, who are the characters, can live out the phantasy of your party. Each of our Room Art elements that you add is another page which your guest will remember in the story that you tell.


You can create elements of different sizes and complexity and we make them reality, any theme, any color, any size. 


Bronze Room Art Elements: 3-5 accent pieces to flavor the room with your room and act as great door prizes for your guest to take home, so that the party continues on. 

Silver Room Art Elements: These are life-sized or interactive elements of our story. Guests can sit in or interact with them. 

Gold Room Art Elements: Imaging your guest getting to live and use something that is only in their dream. Highly intricate Balloon Art. 

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