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The swan is the epitome of elegant balloon decor.

These swans were created for a Bridal show–and the brides love them.

Each swan is larger than life-size and runs about 4 feet long from beak to tail.

They are just as beautiful as live swans, less expensive than ice sculptures and they make great take-home souvenirs.

While the swans look elegant perched on a table, the most visually enticing was to display is to put them in a pool or body of water - they swim!

Whether gliding in a pool or displayed as part of centerpieces, the swans add a unique, graceful touch to your event. 

Swans for atmospheric decor

Balloon Dresses

Wise people say you should dress for success and success will settle for nothing less than a balloon dress!

Ask us to create a dress that is as unique as you are, a dress which your audience will remember as much as the message you wore. 

A dress that you definitely are going to only wear once - and trashing it can be so much fun!


We custom design all our dresses to your vision - everything is possible!

Our pricing starts at $600, but highly depend on the number of work hours and the complexity of the design.

Call us to discuss your dream balloon dress! 

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