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Trade Shows

Trade Shows are a great way to showcase and demonstrate your new services and products.


We have over twenty years of experience in trade shows. Want to know how to best attract customers with decoration branding or how to use Magic and Balloon Art for your product?

We learn about your services and products and research the demographics, so that we can tailor our lead generation and attraction. We will develop a sales plan and implement an ideal sales technique.  

In our experience, these are the most lead-attracting Balloon marketing tools:

  • Decoration branding: We tailor the design of your booth to your brand

  • Lead-generating give-aways: We can make special advanced Balloon Art that your customers can win

  • We design magical experiences to demonstrate the benefit of your product or service 

We take care of staging, microphone, speaker, A/V and backdrops. Our pricing starts at $1500 per day or packages for weekends. For trade shows requiring travel by plane, we require a minimum of 2 days and additional cost for air fare. 

Call us to discuss pricing and our marketing strategy for your company. 


John or Ann Frances

Cross-Promotion & Sponsorship

You need access to memberships of qualified prospects? What better way to convince customers and clients to invest in you than to show them that you invest in their community.


Our programs give us intimate access to these demographics. Together, we can cross-promote you communications, products and programs with instant credibility and call to action. 

Working with us, you'll have access to school communities, houses of worship, city and  neighborhood functions and the general public. 

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Cross-Promotion for Fundraising Events

A membership building its community is the perfect opportunity to showcase your company as a pillar of that community. Together, we gain you access and recognition in qualified demographic communities through branding and marketing planned events.

You will be seen as the sponsor of the Fundraising Package with the various charity programs we produce.

Begin the discussion of your brand by calling us today!



John or Ann Frances 

Cross-Promotion for Community Events

Participating in the life of the community is the best way to train its members to participate in your community.


Together, we can create perfect opportunities for interaction and inclusion of your brand with schools, municipalities and public event through branded:  

- Stage Shows

- Balloon Championships

- Balloon Olympics in cooperation with other clients

Get your VIP ticket to showing off your company by calling us!


John or Ann Frances