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"Koality Community HealthCare"

This is another example of one of our clients, Northwest Medial Center, using our expertise in Experience Marketing by promoting good will, promotion the community, promoting their brand.

The client wanted to attract attention to their presence at the city festival of Wellington as well as educate the prospects on the services offered by NorthWest Medical Center. We paired a branded photo opportunity with the lead capture of premiums and Balloon Art Gifts. Education of the brand was facilitated through trivia: In order to win the Balloon Art Prizes prospects needed to answer trivia questions such as "Where is NorthWest Medical Center?", "Do they have an NICU", etc. Answers: "Sample and 441", "Yes".

Did it work? Yes, it worked, NorthWest Medical Center noticed an uptick of 20 % on the links that we promoted compared to previous period without BalloonArtWorld program days.

Also, you now know where NorthWest Medical Center is, don't you? Sample and 441

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