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Get well bouquets

Get well bouquets

They say that laughter is the best medicine - our bouquet are certain to administer smiles, laughs and lots of happy feelings!


Our bouquets usually are displayed with a wrap, a bow or a vase, but you can also add on premium flower hugs including bears, butterflies, ladiebugs or a helium-filled foil balloon. We offer three different sizes: small (5-6 flowers), medium (8-9 flowers) and large (10-12 flowers).


The flower bouquet will be safely stored in a gift bag with a handwritten card on watercolor paper stock. For no charge, we can add your favorite floral scent.


Our bouquets are usually 3-4 feet tall and easily last 3-4 weeks, often 1.5 to 3 months. 

Orders may be delivered as early as next day - we grow them quickly!

  • Care instructions

    For longest lasting condition, keep away from heat and direct sunlight. No water necessary!

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