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Raising the Bar...mitzvah

Yes, this is going to be one of our goal posts. One of our favorite recent Bar-mitzvahs, Zack is all about football, so we made football all about him. BalloonArtWorld created an older version of Zack in which he now plays for his favorite sports team with a field goal with his name on as an extremely memorable Balloon Photo Opportunity for his guests.

For those moving down the buffet, we have a play-by-play over Zack's snacks. The table display football players went home as trophies to those exhibiting good sportsmanship at the party.

Result - we'll let Zack's father explain:

"John of Balloon Art World made my sons Bar Mitzvah the greatest day of his life. From the life size balloon football player that looked just like him, to the crowds of kids surrounding John happily screaming the amazing balloons they wanted him to make, John was the clear entertainment centerpiece of our event. The ultimate compliment I can pay him is that I never saw single child on their cell phones during the day. One child had a balloon jet pack, another a giant unicorn hat. He never stopped making balloons once, and even performed magic and comedy with kids and adults equally, all at the same time. He is such a class act he even helped us walk his giant creations the 1/2 mile from out clubhouse back to our home just to make sure my son could enjoy them for a few more weeks. John is professional, hard working, entertaining and just a really fun and nice guy. He seems adaptable to any situation, any age and any venue. He was easily the best money I spent at my sons bar mitzvah, and I am sure you will feel the same way if you hire him for your event!" - Randy

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