Photo Opportunities


Photo Frame

A real life filter to make life look real fun.

Every photo of your party will be fun, and fit your theme perfectly.

Balloon Photo Opportunity

This is a once in a social lifetime opportunity.


Picture this: your guest have a show stopping social media share sensation and you have well deserved bragging rights. Photo opportunites are artful displays bringing your theme to real life size impact.


Think ice sculptures but cooler!

Including photo and video lights.

Open-Air Photo Booth

You've got to give props to people who love to be scene! The best way to show your guest some love is to let them show you how much they love to play at your party.

Our premium package includes camera and video lights, balloon props and costumes, a professional photographer and an amazing balloon scene including foreground, mid ground and background.

A truly immersive world for your guest to enjoy!

Props and scenery may be given to your guest as door prices or auction off at charity events. 

Balloon Drops

Not just on New Year's Eve (but specially on New Year's Eve): A Balloon Drops is a showstopper of every event!

We offer custom creation: Sculptural designs to fit your space, colors to fit your theme, and the right size for your guests. 

We recommend Balloon Drops with two balloons per guest.

For full WOW factor choose 3 balloons per guest.

And as a special effect, we can even add LED lights to our balloons.


Balloon Dresses

Wise people say you should dress for success and success will settle for nothing less than a balloon dress!

Ask us to create a dress that is as unique as you are, a dress which your audience will remember as much as the message you wore. 

A dress that you definitely are going to only wear once - and trashing it can be so much fun!


We custom design all our dresses to your vision - everything is possible!

Our pricing starts at $600, but highly depend on the number of work hours and the complexity of the design.

Call us to discuss your dream balloon dress! 


Balloon Olympics

Balloon Olympics.jpg

Balloon Olympics is all about team work and group building exercises. It gets everyone up, active and learning new skills while having fun. Participants will enjoy lively games, they will learn the value of teamwork, anticipating the next actions and laugh a lot along the way.

Our balloon olympics require an entire ballroom or convention room and feature the following disciplines: 

 - Tower defense game

- Pattern matching game

- "Balloony 500" Sky Race

- Balloon Quidditch

- Balloon soccer

Our pricing range is $AB,CDE.