Fundraising & Entertainment

Our Fundraising program can help your organization reach a financial goal quickly and easily. Our events are put on with an entertainer to fit any crowd.


We will provide you a show that will engage children and adults alike

and is tailored to your needs. 

Our special Fundraising package is custom designed for you and can include the

following activities for a duration of 4 h:

- Strolling Balloon Art, Magic and Comedy

- Auctionary with Comedy

- Stage Shows

- Fundraising Games

We offer four different Fundraising Games:

- Balloon Prize Dress

- Simon Says: Fundraising Magic

- Wine Wall: Enter our Contest

- Fundraising Briefcase: It's not IF you win,

it's WHAT you win.

We also offer to search for sponsors to fully

or partially pay for this package.

Gala & Banquet Decor

Our Goal is to create the perfect atmosphere to reward your donors and rejuvenate their generous spirit for the Fundraising Games. We will increase the happy memories as well as additional funds raised.

Decor Elements

Make your event special by creating a unique atmosphere!

To build a perfect space for your gala, you need arches and columns. Arches help your guest to make an entrance, columns help to direct and frame areas. Working together, they not only create a pleasing visual, but also a working flow to your event. 

Room Design is about taking your event to the next chapter. Our goal is to create an area in which your guest feel the special atmosphere of your event. You can create elements of different sizes and complexity and we make them reality, any theme, any color, any size, be it as a room element or as table centerpiece. 

Your stage: The beautiful canvas upon which your speeches, performances and presentations play out on. They lend consistency and authority to your theme and all those who stand in front of it. 

We offer special pricing for decor over $2000.

Contact us and we'll discuss with you the perfect decor for your event!