Baby Shower

Baby showers are all about presence:

This means creating a room for your friends to gift you their presence while you tell them about your upcoming present(s).


We offer several options for a successful baby shower atmosphere:

  • Decoration for the gift table

  • Free-form table centerpieces

  • Red carpet moments

  • Party favors

  • Balloon games

  • Background music & sound

Our minimum order starts at $300.
We also offer baby shower packages.

Gift Table Decoration & Table Centerpieces

Baby shower are there for family and friends to shower the parents-to-be with gifts and needs for the baby.

So gift table is a central and important element of your party - highlight it with a unique table decoration!

Or you can make the whole room shine by adding centerpieces to your tables. We offer a variety of unique designs and can also make custom designs.

Red carpet moments

A photo opportunity is an ideal way to create a tradition at your event and share unique images on social meed.

Photo frames are a real life filter to make life look real fun. Every photo of your party will be fun, and fit your theme perfectly.

Balloon Photo Opportunities are ice sculptures but cooler: Your guest have a show stopping social media share sensation and you have well deserved bragging rights. Photo opportunites are artful displays bringing your theme to real life size impact.

Party Favors

Party Favors


Party favors

Party favors are a great way to say thank you to your guest for celebrating this special moment with you. They are also great prizes for playing baby shower games.  


We offer several options, but can also create a unique design just for you:

Flower corsages

Ladybug corsages

Puppies on pads


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Party Games

Games are an essential part of every baby shower - if your are looking for something fresh and fun, you are at the right place!